Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Year 2012 started. Working with new job and new target, my new life begins. 
I'm turning to 25 years old. Time pass by. Many things happen in 2011. 
Good or bad situation, proceed with it and make it as memorial. 
For good things, thank to Allah s.w.t while 
bad one, try to recognize it and make solution on it. 
Nobody perfect !!!
But seeing an imperfect person perfectly is a good thing to do. 
Am I right? What all of you think about that???

Life is short.  
 All knows that we come from him and one day we will return to him.
We all belong to him. With the life he gave, we should enjoy it.
Free to go everywhere, free to do anything. 
But it has to be in a right way. 
As I said before, nobody perfect. We did a good and bad thing. 
While we had done a bad thing, we should go back to him. 
Allah knows the best. (Someone has remind me that. Thank you!).

So, this year give more impact to my life. 
New mission --> WORK! MONEY! LOVE!
WORK : Because i have done a new job now. New lesson!
MONEY : holiday and for "wedding savings".. (compulsory to dream ;D)

Whatever happen yesterday is not necessary for today!
Whatever happen today is just a plan like as what it has to be!
And whatever happen tomorrow.... is nice for us to dream and make it came true !!

GOOD LUCK to all of you with the new life this year.
Make a better life more and be happy.
Be happy. Enjoy the day.
<3 MUaaaCkkkkkkSsSsss <3


zOeY zAu YaH said...

semuanya new..slamat berjaya ok =)


thanx zoey...
try the best :)


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