Monday, November 21, 2011

Its about LIFE !

That was what i am doing right now
I am very thankful to Allah s.w.t
Because of the bounties given by
I was here
Working and getting my salaries ...
As a contract worker
From 1 year to current
I am really appreaciate it
But I'm just looking for something better
As permanent worker in any organization or instituition
For my future and for my career

From one exam to another
From one scheme to other
Non stop !!! I'm doing my best in it !
I give my all in every exam
Little sleep.. More hard and more smart
Just wishes that i pass all the exam
And got new oppurtunity to start a new
For better qulity of life

I want to live the life i want
As i created one
And achieved all them one by one
But I'm wondering
Maybe the time not comes yet
That's why I'm still here
As contract worker
And nothing new happens in my life
Since i am graduated
And why this happen to me ???
I do not blame the fate
But that's only my unsoundness mind as human

I hope that I am strong to faces my future
Because if I'm not, there's nothing can help me
Allah has organized my life journey
And me as Allah servants should take it as a bet
He know the best for me...

Life must go on..
Even you won't like to accept it
But that's called life
Face it happily
Because life only once
Nothing you should regret
Keep on moving
And there is a smile for you :)

WhatSiGadisSaid : Pray for his forgiveness. Hoping that there would be a smile to be. InsyaAllah. Amin. (sorry if too many errors in my writing .. hee)


Little DaMiA.. said...

yuhuuu.. InsyaAllah moga dipermudahkan segala urusan n dimakbulkan segala permintaan.. setiap umat-Nya telah dijanjikan rezeki dari-Nya.. semoga bertambah usaha n kuatkan semangat..


amin... insyaAllah akk..
hope kta dpt kja ttp..amin..

Aishah Jahirah(cik aisha) said...

sedih.....saya pun still mencari keje tetp.insyaallah mesti ada rezeki kita yg Allah dah tetapkan.cepat or lambat je...keep USAHA, DOA n TAWAKAL....:)


cik aisha, thanx.. yup, btol ckp awk..cma ms belom smpi kan..moga hari tue akn tiba. amin..


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